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I Don't Think About SEO ....

I saw a question this morning about your favorite SEO tip. Many people said they don't even think about it. I found that interesting and it prompted this post. 

I actually get it! You think about real estate (or mortgage or home inspections or whatever you do). You don't DO SEO. You DO your job. SEO is literally a completely different job. 

In case I'm speaking a foreign language here, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It's basically making your website or blog favorable in the eyes of search engines (like Google) and readers alike in order to be found and ranked. 

Unless you have a great book of business and can make a living on referrals and in person (and some can) you are probably marketing or advertising somewhere. Online is really the best place to do that but it's like a grain of salt trying to stand out in a sandbox. Really hard! This is why we have to use SOME SEO in order to be found.  

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If you want someone to find you online you have to do a little and care a little otherwise you're just spinning your wheels online for no reason and someone else that DOES care will sail past you. It's not just going to happen on its own.

There's really no point to writing blog posts or content out there if no one is going to find it. You can't just write something, click publish and cross your fingers that it will be found.  There has to be some thought behind it and a plan for it. 

share the loveResearch what people are looking is a great place to start. Find what people are looking for in your area and use that keyword or phrase as a title, description and in your content. 

Write an amazing post or page - Really give someone the answers or information they want. BE THE EXPERT on that topic. It can be a neighborhood, niche, loan program, whatever. Offer pictures, video, lists, bullet points and details to make it easy to read and enjoy.

Share it! Don't just let it sit there, share it! You put some time into this piece (I hope) so let the world know! Ask a co-worker to share it on social media or mention it in THEIR next post. Post it to your social media pages and content sharing sites like scoop-it, co-promote, or Fliboard. 

Then share it again. 

If it really is amazing, like it should be, talk about it again and again. You don't have to write 10 boring, short posts a week; write one amazing one then share it the next week too! Take an hour or two each week to write an amazing post and then let it do the work for you. 

If you've taken your time, been intentional with the post and you're proud to share it, others will share it and talk about it too. Bill Gassett does a great job with his blog. He writes one outstanding piece a week then shares the snot out of it! 

Take the time to make it great rather than pumping out too many mediocre posts. And yes, if you're going to do it, you have to "think" about it a little. ;-)


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