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Are You Remarkable? If Not, No One is Going to Care

"Worth of Attention - Striking" - Does that define you and your business? If not, no one is going to share, talk about, or refer you. 


Our society runs on social currency these days. We want to brag on social media, one-up our friends and acquaintances and have the inside scoop on something before anyone else. It's just the way we're wired. An experiment discovered that if you ask two groups of people if they prefer a job that made them $100,000 vs. $50,000 they obviously would take the $100,000 job. But then subjects were told that in the higher paying job everyone else made $200,000 and in the lower paying job everyone else made $25,000. With this new knowledge, the majority of the group chose the lower paying job simply because they made twice as much as the other employees. They abhorred the idea of making half as much as everyone else even though it was twice as much as the other job. [Contagious - Jonah Berger]


Crazy? Yes. The norm... Yep.


People want to brag about what they know. We see newsfeeds of everyone's highlight reel and we get an endorphin rush when we get dozens of "likes". We want to be in the know, want to be the first, want to look better than everyone else. Don't deny it, you know you do, even though secretly we kind of wish we weren't like that. 

So, what does this have to do with you being remarkable?

Well, what do you offer or have that no one else does? Why should someone choose you over another in your industry? And, why would anyone refer YOU?


That's the $64,000 question. WHY YOU?


Anyone can sell real estate, mortgages, inspect a house, conduct an appraisal. Why should people choose you? I can't tell you that, only you know that. What does your website offer that the other 10,000 in your industry doesn't? 


Maybe it's a flash sale.

Maybe it's a quiz.

Maybe it's a limited time offer.

Maybe it's the fear of missing out.

Maybe it's the drawing for a free whatever-not for leaving a review.

Maybe it's the idea that YOU are the insider and if people find YOU, they are finding gold.

What is it?

How to be remarkable in your field

Another interesting tidbit here - McDonalds came up with a smokey, sweet southern version of a riblet sandwich a few decades ago made of heart, tripe, and pork stomach. Of course, most people only knew it as the tasty McRib yet it wasn't a hit so it quickly dropped off the menu. Until about 10 years later when a marketing guru said let's bring it back but for a limited time in select cities only.  Advertisements went out and once it dropped in Chicago, Dallas, and Denver, the other cities were waiting on pins and needles to get their hands on the famous McRib. Twitter followers tracked down where one could be procured and the craze has never stopped. They have sold out, gone crazy, and created a buzz-worthy, social-sharing frenzy over something that couldn't be given away just a decade prior. Why? Urgency, limited time, FOMO...? All of the above. It's the same sandwich, so even if you don't have something remarkable, you CAN market it as such. 


But you do have something remarkable. Find it! What makes others in your industry fail and not you? Market that. Ask for reviews, go above and beyond in customer service or the extra mile in whatever industry you're in. Offer something, be secret and exclusive for just your clients - " I have found the secret to selling a house in a week." What is it you offer?

Find your remarkable and let others sell it for you.


I tell you one thing, I will never have a McRib again...


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