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What to Use Instead of "Contact Me"

It's overplayed... and I'll admit I've used it about 8 zillion times but it doesn't have the same pop like it use to... Did it ever? I'm not sure. But I do know that we gloss over those words at the end of an article but man, when we need that "Contact" button, we certainly go hunting for it, don't we?

But, isn't the idea of every article, post, or social media promotion to get a client to contact me? So how do we invoke the idea of communication instead of just the tired and old, contact me? I've been doing a little research and study with CTA (Call to Action) and here are some great responses that can really prompt a response.



Buttons are a big deal. We love to push buttons. But those buttons have to say something and look inviting. Look at the two buttons below, which would you rather click on?

eye-catching buttons


Do you have buttons on your site? Are they eye-catching and bright or dull and almost forgettable? Buttons can be a lot of different shapes and colors. Then there is the font; is it comforting or stiff and sterile? It's amazing what a button can do.


A Sense of Urgency

Your call to action should conjure up a sense of urgency as if they are going to miss something if they don't call, click, or contact. These phrases work quite well:

  • Start Saving Money Right Now
  • Discount Ends Sunday
  • Get It Before Anyone Else
  • Offer Ends
  • Incentive Only for This Week
  • Call in the Next 5 Minutes
  • Don't Miss Out
  • Now is the Best Time...
  • Free Trial Ends
  • Home Prices Going Up Next Month!
  • Rates Going Up...

The word "Now" builds a sense of urgency as well so whether you are offering them an incentive to buying a house this week or getting great rates, NOW often creates the drive you want.


Don't Give Too Many Choices

I know agents that work in 50 different cities and towns and want them ALL on the homepage of their website. This is too much information. People get overwhelmed. I think of my son; I tell him he can get a candy at the store. He'll stand in front of the candy aisle for an hour and still not decide, but if I give him three choices, he can make that decision in seconds. 

Don't give people too many choices. 2 to 3 is often enough to get them to do something. Websites and emails that are too busy, just get ignored. You don't want people clicking off the site before they even had a chance to see what you're selling. 


Keep the CTA at the End.

We naturally read left to right, top to bottom so make the button or CTA at the bottom right corner of whatever you're writing or selling. 

CTA at end

CTA at end


These two may be simple but the second one follows the flow of how we read and our eyes and prompts more of a connection than the first.


Give People a Reason

Why should I contact you? What will I get? What will I learn? Will you solve my problem? Did I even know I had a problem? Can you find the answers for me? Can I find the answers? Did I even have a question?

Allowing someone to "discover" something they didn't even know they needed really invokes the sense of urgency. I am thinking about those news previews that say something like: "Is what you're eating right now actually killing you? Find out at 11". OH, MY GOSH!? Are my Fruit Loops killing me?  I have to know! 

So how can that work in the real estate industry?

How about:

"If your interest rate is over 4% you're wasting money each month"

"FSBO sellers lose up to 15% of their potential profits"

"New program offers No Down Payment Loan"

"This is the last month to get a tax break"

"Home prices will go up 6% next month"

Or whatever YOU know that THEY don't... That's what you need to convey. 


Get Personal

Use terms like "Your/You" and "Me/My" to get personal with people. A good way to get people to sign up for automatic searches is "Set Up Your Home Profile". People like having ownership in things and giving them ownership to a piece of your website, means they can come back and log in and feel connected. 


Create White Space

Don't clutter up your website or business pages with too much stuff. Give those CTA and buttons room to breath and be seen. 



Add a Click Trigger

A Click Trigger is additional information that makes the reader feel better about their decision. It's words like "Risk-Free", "Money-Back Guarantee", or Key Benefits one would get if they clicked. It could say something like:



Keep it simple  - People today have short attention spans. I may have already lost you in this article, but if you're still with me, keep your points, CTAs, and directions easy. People want to know what to do at the end. Do I keep reading? Contact you? Sign up? Join something? or Buy? Don't bog them down when the time comes and don't keep trying to sell once they've decided to go with you. 


So now that I've come to the end of the post, what do I want you to do? 

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