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Tune Up Your Website Over the Holidays with Updated Info

I'm going to assume that most of you are not the busiest during the holidays? Then again, maybe you are since there are more people that have time off and feel they have the time to look at homes etc... but if you're like most agents and loan officers, this is probably your slowest month, or into January. But now is a great time to update your website.

If you blog on your website or have static pages (pages that never revolve like a blog post) it might be a great time to go through those and make sure they are updated. 

If you blog only on ActiveRain, take a look at your posts and which get the most hits, views and clicks and verify that those are up to date. Update old content

Google loves content that keeps refreshing so instead of writing about the same thing over and over, just add to the content and/or update it.

For instance, if you have a Christmas post for events that does well, make sure it's updated with the most current details. The dates, times and activities may have changed annually so update it and send it back out into the Interwebs. 

Do you have a mortgage information page that is outdated? This might be a static page on your site that you always have in the menu. Is the information current? Maybe there are new updates you can add to the content. 

This page for the Alton community in Palm Beach Gardens is brand new so instead of writing 13 blog posts about the place, I just add new content and updates to this page. This page is #5 on the first page of Google, right behind the KolterHomes page on it.  Information keeps refreshing and people keep getting more information on it, so it stays on top. The same goes for the Sonoma Isles page - new community that keeps building out, so we continue to build out the page.

If you are a mortgage professional and the laws, rules and requirements change for refinance or FHA, keep those pages up to date. You can write up a quick blog post that talks about the changes but then go to your main page and update the content there as well. 



Maybe you have written similar articles or related articles since your main content or post. Go back to the main post and link to the newer articles or posts. Add more links to add value and authority to your page. 


Maybe you've learned about and now you're making killer images! Go back to some of your favorite posts or pages and update the sad, tired images that used to be there. 


Then go out and promote those pages again! So what if you've already tweeted it, Facebooked it, Instagramed it or Linked In it (?) HA! get it out there again. Most people have forgotten about that article or post. Tell them about it again and again. Set your Facebook business page to schedule out similar posts for the next month talking about your favorite pages with valuable information. AND you can now use your killer images to coincide with that post now. 

So take the time over the holidays if you have a spare moment and go through older posts and articles and make sure your site is fresh and up to date. Fine tune those pages so that when people do click on your site, they get relevant info! 


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