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Gaining Backlinks and Properly Sharing Your Posts and Website


Links, links and more links; that's what Google wants, right? And the more it finds your link out there the better... but that may not necessarily be true. Google is always on the hunt for unnatural back links; those that don't really make sense within an article or those that are just repeated over and over on every page with an unnatural keyword anchor text.

Proper linking and sharingWhat do I mean by that? Let's say you are an real estate agent in Palm Desert... if all Google finds for your links is that exact phrase linked to your website over and over, it doesn't seem natural. Google wants to see a natural link in content that would make sense such as, "Staging Designs That Would Scare Buyers" if I'm talking about selling and/or staging tips in another blog post or page. It wants related links, posts and natural anchor texts. Even naked or "visit our website" will work.

A naked link is the link in it's most natural form such as or the full link,

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If you choose to link to a page, do it because it makes sense, not to just throw a link in there. Google will discount those unnatural links and you will have wasted your time. Sure, we can't expect Google to think everything we do is perfect so the more natural links and related links it finds, the better. But we may not be able to count them all so the more you blog, the more you link and the more you acknowledge your page AND OTHERS, the more Google will see your site as an authority on your subject.

Yes, I said "AND OTHERS" - if you only ever link to yourself, over and over, Google will see you operating in a bubble and really not providing good information for the reader. Somewhere in your content there must be a good spot to provide the reader with even more information and that may be in the form of an outside link. Great ways to do this would be to link to high-quality sites, such as news websites or other related industries that offered valuable information for your reader. This shows readers and Google that you are serious about providing the best information for your reader. 

Think Wikipedia and news websites

All they do is link from one keyword to another when it makes sense in order to provide the reader a wealth of information and a way to get it. By clicking on a link you are taking the reader to even more information about whatever it is you are writing about.

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 I know it sounds weird to link away from your website or blog, and you certainly don't want your reader to click away from your site but as long as you target the link to open in a new window, your site stays open and running. But, you have provided your reader with even more knowledge and information, even if it wasn't from you. 

Share it

Social media is the other gem you can use to grab people's attention and make them click on the link. You have to draw them in, though. Mention the problem they have and how you can solve it. If you can do this within 160 characters or less including your link, you've got them! Use as many as you want! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (great images), Tumblr, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, and then there's social promotion sites such as and You can even email your new information to your contacts or tag helpful resources to promote even more social sharing. 

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The opportunities are endless HOWEVER, it all does come down to first writing great content. Once you have the content you can tweak it, share it, promote it and repeat the process to really spread the word.


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