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Ramp Up Your Online Exposure for 2017

I started writing for a brokerage company that just writes TO other brokers. They want to draw in other brokers in their area and offer a different approach to their real estate business. I've been writing on business coaching, branding yourself, the use of technology and if you're just working for someone else or really growing your business. 


I love it because it gets me thinking about my own clients and how they really want to grow their business in 2017. As many of you know, I was a real estate agent for several years and it just wasn't my bag, but pushing other agents forward, helping them succeed and working behind the scenes is really my passion. I love it when they get a deal because of some marketing strategy we've used or they get the found because of a killer blog post we wrote. That's what I love! They love it too, of course.Ramp up your online exposure


The most recent post was on using technology to boost your business. Do you just let the business do all the work or do you want to get out there and really make a name for yourself?

I worked with a client a while back that was in the mortgage industry - talk about restrictions! We created an amazing website for him and worked for a couple years building up posts and content, only to have the mortgage company call him out and shut him down. We lost it all.... He was also informed that he could not be linked from any other website or link to his "mortgage company page" from social media. I was floored!? I understand boundaries and keeping protocols but to not even let your brokers advertise!? How will the company grow if its employees are stifled and restricted? This really annoys me because whatever you do, you should be able to help grow your business and the company, both benefiting from the marketing strategies of the individual.


This is why I like this brokerage that I'm writing for. They encourage this and want brokers that want to be entrepreneurs, not just real estate agents. The most recent article discussed using technology in today's real estate world and I know it's a whole other industry in itself! Trying to keep up with social media, stay on top of the latest 3-D tours and the use of drones in listing presentations. But you don't have to do it all to make an impact.


As I've said before, if you're going to do all the social media but are not going to do any of it well, don't do any at all. Find one and run with it. I know real estate brokers and agents that kill it on Pinterest! I have others that love Twitter and engage with their followers daily to create a connection and build authority. There are those on Instagram that can hashtag with the best of them.  I have others that solely stick to Facebook and build followers through consistent advertising so that now they have thousands of followers and new leads every week! I have another clients that blogs on Linkedin and it has sparked many connections and leads! Still, others prefer to blog on-site and share through content sharing sites or those that are in love with YouTube and never go more than a day or two without a new video. You know them, see them, learn from them and when the time comes, you know who to turn to when buying or selling.


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Do all of them do it all? Nope and they don't have to. They have found a system that works for them. Do you have to do any of them? Yes. I really think you do. 


Make 2017 the year you really devote some time to a marketing plan, strategy, and system that works for you and then STICK WITH IT! You're not going to have 10,000 followers overnight. Target your posts, be real, be honest and genuine, don't just subscribe to the latest auto-post system where people know you really aren't there on the other side of the screen. Remember, you are working with Millennials now that can see right through us. Go where the clients are and be consistent. IT will pay off!

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Ramp Up Your Online Exposure for 2017
I started writing for a brokerage company that just writes TO other brokers. They want to draw in other brokers in their area and offer a different approach to their real estate business. I've been writing on business coaching, branding yourself,… more
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