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Email Challenge - Answering Why That Guy is Higher Up on Google Than Me

email questions and answersClient: " Why does this guy always rank higher than me on the search engines?"

Answer: The biggest reason that site is on top is because they have over 1,300 back links pointing to their site. Google loves this and ranks the site higher. As I mentioned, your site has 388. Back links can come from anywhere reputable but cannot be bought as some may advertise. It's a constant rise on back links. I do what I can to continue to point high authority links back to your site.

If I may suggest something:
Anytime you or any of your agents post a blog or anything online, make sure to have a keyword hyperlinked back to your site. This will count as a back link. It can be a slow and steady battle to the top. The other site may be working on their site everyday, posting a back link everywhere. They also have several agents on ActiveRain posting links back to their site frequently. This also helps dramatically.

You are currently in the top SEO category. I have recently begun a local news feed on several sites that need just a little more help. Here are a couple examples: and This does require me to update the homepage every week or so with local news. As I am not as familiar with Las Cruces real estate as you are, you are welcome to add to this blog with anything at any time to keep it fresh and revolving.

The more Google visits a site the better. Having new content with each visit ranks the site as fresh, relevant and important, therefore making it high on the list of search engines. Let me know what I can do with the site on my end.

As the SEO consultant for your site I continually keep abreast of the latest search engine algorithms and their changes to how they rank sites. This changes frequently and needs close monitoring. I also do a how to get found on search enginesfrequent research of the best keywords for your site and what is being searched for and adjust accordingly. Each month I add an article, press release or ad either on your site directly for additional content or through another directory linking back to your site such as backpage, hotfrog, ezinearticles, dropjack and many others. I also submit the site to search engines about once every 3 months to keep it fresh on the search engine cache - approximately 100-350 search engines at a time. I am constantly adding your site to other sites out there in a similar fashion as I do on your site. This not only keeps the links to your site up, but the content on your site revolving. I also send a report about once a month with stats on various keywords. Usually the most searched for which is what I go for anyway. Please let me know if there is anything you would like on your site, rearranged, specific articles, news feeds or widgets. I am basically your webmaster that can do as much as I can to enhance your site.

Thanks, I hope this helps explain the situation. Let me know how I can help you further.

Tammy Emineth
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