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Alright, Let Me Renege - PAGE RANKING is Dead.... Big Difference from Search Engine Ranking

Page Rank - Where are you?Alright, Let Me Renege - PAGE RANKING is Dead.... Big Difference from Search Engine Ranking

I recently wrote a post about Ranking is Dead -Where are you getting your traffic.

It had over 1000 views and lots of comments. Some people thought I was crazy, others thought I would delete their comments and others gave their 2 cents. Which is great! I love the debate. I am all over that.

Yes, where you rank in the search engines, especially Google is important. Don't get me wrong. When we moved to Missouri I literally typed in Google "homes for rent in Springfield". I searched for a lot of homes like this. So these people got my business or at least my time.

That's all well and good. But PR of a page. That's the Page Rank of a page. The Page Rank Google gives a page to determine it's importance... to me, means nothing.

If you have the Google tool bar or a program that allows you to check the PR of a page, you will notice that Google (of course) has a PR of 10. That's the top. They defined the term so of course they give themselves a 10. There are a few others like Facebook that may get a 10 as well. But others like MSN, Yahoo etc.. have anywhere from an 8 to a 9. If you are no where online with no backlinks you will probably have a 0. I will venture to say, most websites out there have a 0.

If your site is about a 4, that's not bad. A 6 and that's better. Only world wide known sites that receive Marketing and teamworkmillions of hits a day get more than an 8.

BUT - Does it really matter?? What creates PR? Is it the backlinks? I have a site with almost 500 backlinks that comes up in all the search engines with thousands of hits a month with only a PR of 2. Someone else with almost 3000 backlinks only has a PR of 3. So does it really matter?

I don't think so.

I think what matters is relevant content with good links to different sites in the content. A consistent stream of information suitable for visitors and clients and exciting comments that people actually want to read. This all creates more of a presence online and more of an authority in your area.

So while search engines ranking is not the end all, because you want clients coming from everywhere they can, PR is REALLY not that important. As long as you consistently keep up with your website, blog, backlinks and online presence, your impression will be felt throughout your area when it comes to your business.

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