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The Suicidal Agent

Down on your listings? Buyers scarce? Don't commit real estate suicide! The suicidal agent is ready to throw in the towel, drop everything and stop the most important aspect of their career. Marketing.

When business is down, the first thing agents want to do is cut funding to advertising and marketing. But this is what brings in the business. This should be the last place you cut your budget.

Human beings need to see a or hear something at least 3 times just to be able to recall it. Do something 21 days to make it a habit and continual "in your face" advertising of a certain product or person will keep it on the forefront of their mind.  mcdonalds brand icon

"I'm Lovin it"

"Like a good neighbor..."

"The look, the feel of...."

You get it, right?  - "Nobody sells more real estate than .... " AH HA! Caught your attention.

When budgets get tight, it's not the time to quit your marketing. You may need to adjust it here or there. Find where your marketing is doing the best job for you or ramp it up in certain areas. But don't disappear off the radar! Keeping your image, your slogan and your branding in front of the customer as much as possible ensures that eventually YOU are who they will call when they need a real estate agent.rolled up money in the grass

This is going to get touchy..... ready?  What about that $500 car payment you make each month? Can that be reduced? Done away with completely? Now there's some good marketing dollars. I showed homes in a 94' paid for Ford Explorer and no one ever gave me the "whoa, you drive that and I have to tour around in it with you?" look.

What I am saying is, find money elsewhere in luxuries and trinkets that don't add to your business. You'll never regret marketing with the right avenues and tools. Find what works and stick with it. If you jump around from ad to ad with different marketing techniques, slogans, personal photos and branding, no one will remember you. Find one branding idea and run with it. People will remember you for whatever they see or hear over and over.  Keep designs consistent in your business card, website, magazines, online photos, bill boards, whatever.

Remember, no one will hire you if they don't know who you are. Get yourself in front of them and use those marketing dollars well.

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