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There is Always One in the Group ...... And Sometimes That One is Me

There is alwacriticize your commentors and blogsys one in the group and sometime that one is me.

Only being on ActiveRain for a couple months now, the shiny has rubbed off and I am left to face the reality of how people really are. After posting a few good blogs and being featured a few times I learned that living in the spotlight will have it's fair share of nay-sayers. 

Of course, if you write about something for so long there will be those that sit up and start to notice you. Some (most I will happily say) have left positive comments that make my ego boost, but there are those that write rebuttals to a topic and make me feel the size of a pea.

If you have been on AR for any length of time and have voiced your opinion or blogged about your area of expertise you will have no doubt experienced it to;  those comments that criticize, condemn or otherwise contradict what you are trying to get across.

My first week on AR I was trying to figure it all out and noticed a featured blog of 2 simple listings. No real content or "meat" to the blog. I asked, ever so politely, why this happened to be featured. I apologized all over myself for seeming rude, but just really wanted to know.  They came back and said they didn't know why it got featured and I had someone leave a more strongly worded comment to the same tone as mine.

Since them, I too have seen the gamut of blogs and am becoming a little more brazen. Grantedsinging the praises of bloggers and comments, I never want to be rude to anyone, but I have found myself to be the one in the group questioning the writers comments while the majority sing the praises.

I felt it a relief to learn of that little "delete" Button on comments. I have noticed one of my subscribers mentioned that she had deleted a comment because it was rude.  Oh the power. This is a place for opinions, strong as they may be, but also fair play. If there is an opposing comment I will by all means tackle to the best of my ability as I did with comments on "Where to find Free Pictures". I felt I was straightforward and honest. I accept your voice on my blog, welcome it and will respond but will combat any negativity with as much honest information as I can.

I have done SEO marketing for almost 10 years, and although this is not decades as some (wait, has this been a business for that long?) I do know my stuff. I have proven results and research all avenues of algorithms and changes to keep up with my growing database of clients and the information.

Thanks for reading and Merry Christmas! Have a Productive Day!


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