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Regurgitating Old Content or Creating New Information?

Blogging takes a lot of time and effort but you don't want to offer information that no one wants to read. Nor do you want to regurgitate the same thing that everyone else has said. But remember, people may be looking to you for the information rather than going elsewhere or simply Googling it. What you have to do is offer and present information in a new and exciting way so that old readers and new readers alike will find it and gain knowledge from it. Creating new content for Google

So what if 8 people have already wrote a blog about an event in your area? Google it, see what they have written and how they titled it and then spin it a different way. Even market reports, as boring as they may seem to some, can be spun a variety of ways:

San Juan Capistrano real estate report

San Juan Capistrano property values

San Juan Capistrano home prices and values

San Juan Capistrano market reports

... and then there's the date! An annual event last year may be showing up for this year but if you label it as current and the actual year it's in, Google will more likely show your blog post than one that was done a year or more ago.

Remember, unless you copy the text, no one is going to say the same thing as you in the way you say it. So get creative with your titles, phrases and searches. Yes, Google is smart and will sometimes offer results of similar content when the phrase matches, like lumping together "realtor", "realty", "real estate agent"  as one search idea, but the actual title can be different and you, as a blogger, need to capture those searches.

I know it can be hard to come up with something. Heck, I've stared at my blank computer screen just hoping an amazing idea pops in my head. But think about what someone would need to know in order to buy, sell or invest; Apply or call you up?

Google is always searching for the latest, most relevant, and authoratative information to display on their results page. Make it good and make it count.


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Regurgitating Old Content or Creating New Information?
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