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Cluttered and Confused - How Easy is Your Website for Users?

How Easy is Your Website for Clients?

When I first started on ActiveRain I wrote a post entitled: Ok, So You Have a Blog..... Are You Missing the Major Mark Over Here Though? And it’s one of the biggest blunders I think real estate agents make in a website: people have no idea where you are and what you do.How Easy is your website for users?

That may seem ridiculous but honestly, I have been to several real estate websites (still) and have no idea where in the world they are or even if it’s a real estate site! If users can’t figure it out when they are actually ON the site you can certainly bet Google won’t either.

Try and see your site from fresh eyes and from a buyer’s perspective. If you are unsure ask someone that has never seen your site before (and is not into real estate). Would they know where you work? Your niche? Can they easily find what they are looking for?

A well-laid out website for real estate should include a property search feature front and center. That is the #1 reason buyers seek out your site. If they have to hunt for the property search button or it’s hidden in a menu somewhere on drop down #3, they will get frustrated and leave.

Are you making them hand over all their information right away or after they have viewed a few properties? You want them to get a good sense of your website and if it’s easy to navigate they may feel more inclined to give over their info so they can come back to an attractive and easy working site. You have to decide whether you want them to be completely locked out of the search if they continue or if they have the option of continuing without signing up but then have it be a subtle consistent reminder every so often.

What about you? Can they find information about you? Are you telling them how many kids you have and your hobbies or your experience in real estate and why they should hire you over anyone else? Think about it.

What is your niche? Do you help military families relocate? Short Sale buyers or sellers? Condo buyers? Or focus on a specific neighborhood? If you’re answer is .. "well I do all those!" Then clients may feel you are desperate to get their business regardless of your level of expertise. Have specifics in the menu or side bar that address different types of buyers or sellers but don’t clutter the page.

If users have to hunt more than 10 seconds to find the information they need, most likely they will leave.

Keep it clean, neat and organized. Answer questions and give them a subtle but firm call to action, ready when they need it. Keep your contact information – at the very least your phone number - on every page or in the header and create a pleasant experience for your user.

Unsure of where your website stands? Let us know and we would be happy to give an evaluation!



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Cluttered and Confused - How Easy is Your Website for Users?
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