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How Active Do I Have to Be to Increase My Rank and Traffic?

Are you wondering how active you need to be on social media, blogging and on your website to get some actual leads and rankings? Yeah, you and everyone else. But the difference is the time you may be willing to spend verses your competition. For every major city, you know there is always someone with a full time staff and thousands of dollars being spent on website marketing and social media so how are you suppose to compete if you're a one-man (woman) show?How active do I have to be for SEO

It can be very frustrating when you think you're doing everything right only to have your site drop, not rank or not get the traffic you feel you deserve. With so many factors playing into proper SEO how does one find the time? I see the most popular people that rank very well are on social media all the time. I think, 'how in the world can they have time for anything else? They can't actually be doing any real work if they are just promoting it all day long, carrying on conversations and posting 115 times a day!' Sheesh. But then there are those that have no blog, no social media and still seem to do well. So what's going on?

  • There is a balance somewhere in all this and the goal is to find what works for you.

You have to find what leverage you have and run with that. Do you have a really old domain? Google loves that! Are you starting from scratch? Then you have a ways to go. But just because you can't get ranked for the major term of "CITY real estate" or "CITY homes for sale" doesn't mean you can't sneak around the back door and get ranked for unique terms and long-tail phrases such as "COMMUNITY Properties and waterfront homes", "COMMUNITY homes in gated communities" etc... You may not have as many hits but those that do will be more serious. 

If you do have an old domain, like 10+ years, you certainly have a great foundation to work from. As long as you haven't done any black hat, "to-good-to-be-true" SEO tactics you should be able to get a great jump start and work from there.

  • So what happens if you have the mediocre website with an average amount of work done to it?

This is where time really is going to come into play. Google wants you to brand yourself and your business. They want to see your information and link on other sites linking back to your website. They want to know your authorship and that you are well-known and well-read. How do you do that? Try submitting an article to Zillow, Trulia or local newspapers; ask to guest blog on a high-ranking website with a good quality, related topic; connect with people on social media and don't just "post" a link from time to time.

  • And speaking of Social Media, it really is a key factor to SEO.How active do I have to be for SEO

I know you may not want to hear it and think you have no time for it, but I'm not talking about sharing what you had for dinner or watching the latest funny cat video. I'm talking about finding the social media you like, can run with AND spend some quality time on. Make connections, find circles on G+ in your area or your industry and go find other Facebook pages and connect with them. Remind people at least weekly what you do, where you do it and why. Keep that subtle reminder to them about what you do and always create teaser links back to your site. What do I mean by that? Post on your Facebook page: "You won't believe what this back yard has!" and link it to your new listing. Engage with people on Twitter, retweet their articles, and thank people for commenting, liking or plusing your information. 

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  • Yes, it's a lot.... but do you want it to work?

If you are already doing fine in the search engines, maintenance is okay; A blog post here or there and casual postings. But if you really need to ramp it up, dedicate a good 6 months to blogging, posting, sharing, commenting, connecting and expanding your sphere of influence. Don't just post on one blog; post on several and make it newsworthy for your area so local papers and sites pick it up. 

It can be hard to always write relevant and current topics so take your time and wait until a great idea wets your whistle. Then run with it.. HARD - Don't just post once, post several times during the week about the same information. Get a Facebook post boosted for $5 - $10 on occasion and connect. It probably realistically takes an hour a day or maybe two. But I promise the time you put into this is well-spent .... as long as you don't get stuck watching singing videos or distracted by frivolous postings - not that I ever do that  ;-)


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