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Seriously People.. Who Takes Your Photos??

I market for a lot of real estate agents and I market their photos too so I see a lot of different styles and types of photos but if you are selling the property, to me, the photo needs to be amazing! It's the first impression of the home that most home buyers will see and if the photo doesn't evoke excitement, there is no way they are going to want to see more.

Now, I know that professional photos do cost money but in many cases are well worth it especially on homes that are over the median price for your area. I was really impressed with a local client that paid to have professional photos of a home in the area. But in marketing them, I also found old photos of the same listing in which the agent didn't take such good photos. You can see the difference below. 

Almost the same shot here but one of course is much more inviting!! 

But you don't have to spend hundreds on professional photography to make the image look good. Tell your clients what they need to do to spruce up the house for the photos. This is the biggest showing factor and if the house looks cluttered, dark, blurry or dull, no one will want to see it in person. 

This is not deceiving the buyer but simply offering them the home in the best light, the best viewpoint and the cleanest look. Make sure there is great light, highlight them on computer programs, get the image in the best part of a beautiful day, put nitrogen on the yard to green it up fast, continue to add better pictures if you take them on a different day, have it professionally staged then take bright photos... there are so many tweaks you can do to make it better!

Unfortunately I have several agents that want to focus on luxury real estate but no luxury homeowner will contact them if they are not impressed with the marketing. Make even the cheapest home shine and the luxury clients will follow.

Please! look at those photos before publishing them.... would you want to look at that house?

PS- The home above is currently listed in Newcastle Washington and you should see the amazing photos of this home!

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