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Finding a Home in Prospect Kentucky | Where to live in Prospect KY

Affordable Homes for Sale in Prospect KYHomes for Sale in Prospect KY

Prospect Kentucky is located about 15 miles or 20 minutes northeast of downtown Louisville. It’s home to over 4600 residents and is considered the ninth wealthiest place to live in Kentucky. But this is only been in the last several decades, since before the 1960s it was largely an agricultural area. High-end subdivisions such as Hunting Creek began to be developed after the 1970s.

It’s located up against the Ohio River just off interstate to 65 and 71. It’s home to The Hunting Creek Country Club and Golf Course which is nestled in the center of town. This private, family orientated club was developed in 1964 and offers outdoor recreation against the beautiful Kentucky countryside. Enjoy an 18-hole golf course, tennis courts, and Olympic size swimming pool as well as a clubhouse.

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Affordable housing is all relative. The term “affordable housing” simply means that the housing expenses for a household budget will not exceed 30% of the income. Since we’re talking about Prospect, that number is all relative. Home prices range anywhere from $300,000 to over $4 million depending on size, location, condition and amenities. Prospect is home to some gorgeous country villas and riverfront estates; several of which have expansive frontal backyards and may include acreage. Prospect is just far enough away from Louisville to supply ample amounts of acreage in land for those that want to custom build their home or just have a little extra breathing room.

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Prospect KY Real estateProspect is home to several specific neighborhoods including Bridgepointe, Harrods Creek Overlook (condo community), Innisbrook, Sutherland, Smithfield Greene Condominium Community, Fox Harbor, The Landing, Herrods Landing which is a townhome community of The Landing, and of course, Hunting Creek and the Estates of Hunting Creek which is a specific subdivision and home to over 200 single-family residence along the Hunting Creek Golf Course.

Each of these subdivisions the neighborhoods are masterfully planned out with a variety of anywhere from 60 to over 900 homes per neighborhood. With a variety of townhomes and condominiums, single-family homes and luxury estates, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in the right price range in Prospect.  Many of these condominiums and townhomes are also available for rent. Prospect provides a great investment opportunity for those looking for a second home, investment rental, or vacation residents.

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Prospect offers a variety of annual festivals and events such as the Fourth of July parade and fair, Halloween costume contest and parade, a local neighborhood contest dedicated to awarding residential areas for landscape beauty, and the Annual Running of Kentucky Derby which is a special time for all Louisville residents.

There something for everyone in Prospect; from luxury estates on the river, to condominiums and townhomes perfect for first-time buyers, those with families looking for a great school district with community parks, and retirees looking to settle down and enjoy life on the golf course. Contact the offices of Joe Hayden Real Estate today and let’s get started it finding you the right affordable housing in Prospect Kentucky.


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Finding a Home in Prospect Kentucky | Where to live in Prospect KY
Affordable Homes for Sale in Prospect KY Prospect Kentucky is located about 15 miles or 20 minutes northeast of downtown Louisville. It’s home to over 4600 residents and is considered the ninth wealthiest place to live in Kentucky. But this… more
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