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What's the Deal with LINKS? Internal, External, Quality and Quantity

How many do you need, where do you need them and why?

Links, links, links… You gotta have them to rank but have too many of the wrong ones and you start to get penalized. Writing great content might not count for anything if nobody’s linking to it nor can anybody find it.

A link is simply a word, phrase or URL that is attached to a web address or URL. Links can be all over the Internet; in emails, websites, and on social media. Links take us to other sources and websites and direct us where to go, but too many of the wrong links can actually harm your site. So what’s the deal with links and how can you collect quality links without harming your website?What's the Deal with Links?

Having one bad link out there may not harm your site too much but let’s say you have 500 back links pointing to your website and 300 of them are negative, unrelated, or poor quality; then your site will be negatively affected. Having 500 back links with 300 quality links from reputable sources and high page ranks will certainly benefit.

Internal Links - an internal link starts from your website. You are linking to other pages on your own website from your website. If you’re blogging about housing markets you’ll want to have links in that content to related posts.

External Links - external links are links from your website to pages and websites outside of your own website. If you’re blogging about a specific event in your town you may put a link to the ticket sales website or the main event website. (Always have external links open in a new tab or window so that the reader doesn’t actually leave your website)

Poor Back Links - a poor quality back link would be a link from an unrelated source. If you’re a real estate agent and some pornography site or gambling site has picked up your link and is linking to you, that’s obviously a poor back link since it really doesn’t benefit your site. It’s not related and really won’t help your readership. Too many of these poor or unrelated back links can really have a negative effect on your rankings.

Quality Back Links - a quality back link would be a link from an outside website or even social media as long as it’s related. If another real estate agent finds a post you’ve done to be hopeful that may actually benefit their readers, they may link to that post which not only benefits their readers but now you have a quality back link from a reputable source.

Where to get quality back linksHow do you get these quality back links?

You can create them yourself or simply ask. If you’re looking to create them yourself you’ll need to find websites that are related and carry a high page rank. These can be in the form of a paid press release, blog comments on related real estate websites, or ask to guest blog on a website that you find helpful and related such as Trulia, Real Town or Real Estate Webmasters. You can also ask other real estate or mortgage brokers across the country to include one of your blogs on their website including a link back to your website when appropriate. You’re adding quality content to their site all the while giving yourself a quality link back to your own.

Don’t forget to share your content. If you find it worthy enough to write about then you should be proud enough to share. Share it on your Facebook business page, your Google plus page in the links section, tweet it, and if you’ve offered a beautiful picture in the content, Pin it on Pinterest. All of these places offer a quality back link to your website. The more Google finds a link to quality information and reputable, unique content, the higher ranking your website and individual posts will become.

How do you get rid of bad back links?

There’s a couple different ways to do this; you can simply add a no follow tag (or disavow them) to specific websites in your Google Webmaster tools or you can ask to have your link removed. The first option is usually the easiest, especially if you have hundreds of links from one data source.

You can also override all those that links by consistently creating high-quality links that will overshadow the bad. This can take time though and it can be a tedious process.

Remember, never buy back links and if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Google wants websites that consistently take the time to acquire quality back links from highly reputable sites.

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