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Run for the Roses - The Kentucky Derby is on!

The Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby otherwise known as "The Run For the Roses" or "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports" is a race for three year old thoroughbred horses over a length of 1.25 miles. Many flock to the Derby annually including celebrities and even sometimes members of royal families! Among the 150,000 or so visitors to the Derby each year are of course locals. Locals such as the residents of Lake Forest  are full of a love of all things Kentucky and the members of this affluent community love this beloved race full of tradition and Life at the Kentucky Derbycommunity.

During the Derby, those who call Louisville home, or any Kentucky Derby attendee for that matter can be found enjoying a Mint Julep ( the official drink of the Derby) or Burgoo(the official meal of the Derby). A Mint Julep consists of bourbon, mint and sweet syrup served iced, usually in a commemorative cup. Burgoo is a thick meaty stew. Whether you're enjoying the race from Millionaire's Row(premium seating area of the rich and famous) or not, everyone comes together with a Mint Julep and Burgoo. At the "Run For the Roses", these are the ties that bind.

During the Derby, you sure won't miss the Derby Hat Parade, which simply refers to the sea of fancy, elegant, stylish and sometimes whimsical hats that are worn by all during the event. And, if you don't make it to the Infield (the grassy area inside the track known for hosting the largest party during the Derby) make sure you don't miss out on all the fun of the Kentucky Derby Festival, the annual two-week series of events leading up to the Derby.

The Kentucky Derby Festival always begins with Thunder Over Louisville and this year events include: a golf tournament, balloonfest, concerts, dinners and luncheons, Zumba, movie night, a Texas Hold em tournament and MUCH MUCH more! For a full list of events for the Kentucky Derby Festival of 2013, visit 2013 Event Calendar. And should a visit to the Derby make you long for a home in Louisville or Lake Forest  in particular, contact Joe Hayden today. He is the Realtor® of choice for homes around Louisville and surrounding communities. Visit his blog for  tons of information about Louisville!


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Run for the Roses - The Kentucky Derby is on!
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