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California Real Estate Agents | Love Working with These Guys!

Working with real estate agents is not always the easiest job; just ask any virtual assistant or secretary and there are reasons that I am no longer an agent. But I have to say that I love marketing real estate agents and I love working for them behind the scenes pushing them forward. I have met dozens of real estate agents over the last 10 years performing different types of marketing tasks and strategies to help them increase their business, because when they succeed I succeed.

California is a big market for real estate agents and I’ve had quite a few over the last few years ask for help or simply a little bit of tweaking here or there to fine-tune their websites and make them more search engine friendly and user friendly.

Here are some of my favorites in California real estate that I’ve worked with over the past few years:

Kathleen Daniels - she is a superstar in my book. Kathleen deals with short sales in San Jose California as well as a residential real estate agent and buyer’s agent. Kathleen recently beat a tough battle with cancer and she is one of my favorite people in the world. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kathleen on any type of real estate transaction in the San Jose area especially a short sale.

Jay and Michelle Lieberman - these folks are reason customers a buyers and our experts in Westlake Village, Oak Park, Agoura Hills, and Thousand Oaks California homes and real estate. There a fantastic husband-and-wife team that are just as kind of can be yet firm when it comes to negotiations and getting the best possible price and terms for their buyers or sellers.

Dale Corpus - Dale and I have been working on his new website for real estate investment mentoring. He knows the trends and details of most real estate transactions and I have learned so much just researching information for his website.

Shirley Smith – Shirley is also a more recent client and after some small tweaks and minor changes with her website she starting to rank for coastal properties in Carlsbad and along the San Diego County coastline. She’s really fun to deal with, inquisitive, and wants to learn as much as possible about this SEO thing.

Dave Grbich - Dave is a specialist in homes and real estate in San Juan Capistrano. His website is one of the most comprehensive that I’ve come across with dozens if not hundreds of blog posts, community and neighborhood pages, and custom searches. Dave is constantly looking for the best and most efficient strategy to carry his website to the top of search engines for his area. Any time you need a reference for San Juan Capistrano or anywhere in that facility be sure to give Dave a call.

A couple other of my clients that are not real estate agents but are certainly related to real estate are:

Peggy Hughes - I did a blog post for Peggy a little while back to introduce my readers to her and she has been fun, interesting, inquisitive, and a joy to work with. Peggy professionally moves people across the country. She literally packs up your entire home and moves with you to wherever you’re going and then unpacks and sets up your entire home within 48 hours. I am simply amazed by her profession and ability.

Maya Swamy - Maya is a licensed mortgage broker in California but also about 20 or 30 other states as well. She focuses on distressed borrowers and a lot of down payment assistance programs but certainly can help anyone out with refinance or simply a first mortgage.

So this is just a small list of some of my favorite folks that I work within the state of California. I have clients from all over the country so whether you’re in Alaska or Florida, I bet we can figure out a marketing plan that work for you.

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California Real Estate Agents | Love Working with These Guys!
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