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Step Outdoors and Discover Newcastle Island, Nanaimo B.C.

I love the Southern BC area and it's right out my back door! Lynn does a beautiful job at telling us about her lovely area! Thanks Lynn!

Step Outdoors and Discover Newcastle Island, Nanaimo B.C.

Now that spring is bursting on the scene, Nanaimo is bursting forth in a flood of colours. That is the first indication that it is time to break out of the house and head to the many outdoor attractions. One trip everyone should make on any sunny day is Newcastle Island. Located in Nanaimo Harbour, this lovely British Columbian paradise is just minutes from downtown. But, you will feel like you have made a serious journey the minute you step off the Nanaimo Harbour Ferry.

Newcastle Island, NanaimoImagine, leaving from Maffeo Sutton Park near downtown.  Joining you are others who enjoy the amazing outdoor experience that British Columbia has to offer. You walk off the ferry and before you is an island just waiting to be discovered. You won’t be disappointed, there is just so much to see and do.


A less expected activity might be dancing. The Pavilion on Newcastle Island offers you the rare privilege of dancing on a sprung dance floor. There are many activities planned for the entire year.  The Pavillion is available for private rentals as well.  In fact, my husband booked it and held a lovely surprise birthday party there for me a few years ago.


Where there is water, there is seasonal swimming. So as you might expect, Newcastle Island accommodates nearly every level of swimmer. The protected bays offer you wonderful opportunities to make like a fish and bask in the warm sunlight on shore.


If you love to push a pedal, Newcastle Island will thrill you. Cyclists can choose a ride as challenging as they like. There are many trails and bicycle routes on the island. No matter where you ride, you are sure to enjoy the lovely surroundings!


A trip to Newcastle Island might just prompt you to stay a little longer, so if you are a camper, plan to stay for a night under the stars. The Island boasts 18 individual campsites or 5 group campsites.


No matter what you love to do outdoors, Newcastle Island is the kind of place where there is no shortage of things to do.  Beautiful surroundings, protected nature and panoramic views of the bay all combine to make Newcastle a favorite of visitors each year.





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Step Outdoors and Discover Newcastle Island, Nanaimo B. C.
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