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How Would YOU Search For It? - Ok, Write it That Way

With Google's new Hummingbird Algorithm in full swing, and working beautifully if you've already been doing everything right, we know can be even more detailed with our searches and our optimization. ActiveRain has long since sang the praises of long-tail searches and how valuable they can be. Well, if you've been following the rules then you've probably seen a great jump in your rankings due to Google counting all those long-tail titles even better now.What is your page title? How to search for it

But you don't have to get technical and stressed out when titling your blog post. Just try to imagine what someone would search for. Are you writing about an event? Make sure you title it the way you would search for it with the date on the title or at least in the description so people know how current the information is. Are you writing about market reports? Google can sometimes lump similar phrases together such as "market report", "housing report", or "property values" but it helps to have them in your title and description as well. On ActiveRain, your first paragraph is usually the description so try and make those first 160 characters count!

Get specific and Google AND your readers will find it. Also remember that Google will typically find information from local areas. So if you are in San Juan Capistrano California and you search for "homes" you will usually get a list of all the homes in your area. Same if you are in the Durango CO real estate market and you write about market reports; Google will pick up where you are searching for and give you the results it thinks you want. Google geographically targets the search results for you so you may not even have to get too geo-targeted in your titles but I would only do this if you are already ranking really well and Google knows exactly where you are.

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If you are just starting out, make sure you tell Google everything it needs to know to properly rank and organize your site. You title, keywords, description, tags, categories and alt text for images all need to be geographically identified. There should be no doubt where you are... BUT you don't want to over optimize either. It's a careful dance between too optimized and just enough that Google loves you. 

Just remember how you would search for something and then title it that way. Give the information YOU would want to know in a manner that's easy to read and understand. If you wouldn't read it, why should anyone else?

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Want some more examples: My Flagstaff Realtor does a great job at geo-targeting her long tail searches.

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