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Oh, I didn't know you sold real estate?

    Ever hear that? No? Then you're doing something right. But if you spend too much time writing about events, things to do, local reviews and other non-real estate related topics, you may be known for exactly that. AND NOT REAL ESTATE. (or whatever it is that you really do)what are you really known for?

    Yes, having a well-balanced website and blog is essential but if you focus too much on non-real estate related posts then you may be getting a lot of hits with little to no conversion. Case in point: I wrote a few blogs over the New Years about events and things to do in local areas around the country on New Year's Eve. Each of these client's hits spiked and analytics told us that people were finding this post specifically. But when it comes down to getting a lead off it, it just didn't happen. I got a couple confused clients - "Why do I have all these unique visitors with no leads?" Well, people were looking at events and wanting THAT information - not to contact a real estate professional.

   While this is important, and Google finds usefulness in having a well-rounded site providing information and user experience, we have to be careful not to focus too much on this type of blogging and stick to what we know best. Real Estate. (mortgage, staging, inspections, whatever it is you do)

   Take a look at your tag cloud and see where you tend to focus your efforts. This is mine and to find yours simply replace "jerinka" with your ActiveRain member name and it will show you a list of all your tags that you use. It's OK if you have a lot, but look what stands out the most. The biggest and boldest will be what you use the most.

tag cloud and focusing on what you really do

   So take an inventory of your tags, see what you're focusing on and keep about 70% of what you write about actually what you do. It's great to be found for a variety of other topics and many people are found for that review they did, event they featured or article about what-not - but it's the lead that you really want. I tell people, if your clients find you all over the place, they will have no choice but to contact you for real estate. But make sure that your focus remains honed on your key target audience.


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