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Thousands of Links may not Make a Difference

How Many Back Links is Enough?

We’ve been stressing the importance of back links for some time now and Google has always emphasized the importance of a back link but there are good quality back links and very poor quality back links and just because you have thousands, maybe hundreds of how many is enough back links?thousands of back links doesn’t mean your site is going to rank any better. Many times real estate agents will just glean back links from one source or another instead of spreading them out across the board and Google will sometimes discount all of the links from one source combining them into just one back link. The idea is to have a variety of back links from really good sources all across the web; from social media, from blog comments, in contextual links and in content. All of these play a huge role in creating a well optimized website when all of your traffic is feeding into one website from a variety of sources.

I have one client right now that has over one hundred thousand back links but is still not showing up for their main keywords, “Louisville real estate”. They’re showing up for a variety of long-tail searches and neighborhood searches and very popular search topics and phrases but for their main keywords they have so many back links that are anchored around one phrase that I feel Google is discounting a lot of them. I also have other clients that may have less than 1000 back links but are still showing up for really popular phrases such as “Columbus OH Short Sales”. It’s really important to focus on high quality back links rather than spinning your wheels on thousands of poor quality back links. A good quality back link could be from a reputable and related blog, from site, guest blogging on reputable sites where you can put your link within the content, or simply asking for a link back to your website from the city's Chamber of Commerce website or some of the major city websites.

The key to back links is making sure that their spread out, you have a variety of anchor text from naked links, to your keywords, to your name, etc. in addition to this each page needs to be titled appropriately for what you’re really wanting to be searched for and then link to it from some of your heavy hitter pages that are really getting a lot of traction. More back links may not be the solution; a better back link will be.


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