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California Mortgage Broker and Home Loan Expert - Maya Swamy

California Mortgage Broker and Home Loan Expert

Let me introduce you to Maya SwamyOver the last couple of months I’ve been doing a little bit of SEO work for her in helping her expose her business throughout the California counties even more so than before. What I’ve come to learn about Maya is her dedication to mortgages and first-time homebuyers. She not only thrives online and with her marketing skills, but her knowledge of mortgages blows me away.California Mortgage Lender and Home Loan Expert

If I ever need a mortgage in California or any of the other states that she services, which is quite a few, I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Maya to get me the best deal, the best rate, and the best program to meet my financial needs. Just working with her I have learned the value of a great loan officer and have been exposed to numerous programs and financial assistance options that I didn’t know were available.

I know that finances and down payment assistance programs and mortgage rules and laws change each year but the extent to where Maya stays on top of these and is dedicated to finding the best program for her clients is unmatched.

Her website frequently discusses down payment assistance programs and her most recent task is helping California homebuyers purchase homes with just .5% down. The California Homebuyers Fund offers a 3% grant on the purchase price of a house that can be used as a down payment or for closing costs. This is called the CHF Platinum Program.  If closing costs can be bundled into the purchase of the home, the property can literally be purchased for .5% of the value. This is great news for first-time home buyers that may not have thousands of dollars sitting around.  While there are income requirements for every county in California and this may not be the best idea for every buyer, it is a great option for those that just don’t have 10 grand to drop on a new house.

If you’re in California or any of the states that Maya services, which is a lot, I would urge you to contact her to see if she can help your buyers get into the home that they desire. Stop by her ActiveRain page or blog and say hello and be sure to check out her website for valuable information.



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California Mortgage Broker and Home Loan Expert - Maya Swamy
California Mortgage Broker and Home Loan Expert Let me introduce you to Maya Swamy Over the last couple of months I’ve been doing a little bit of SEO work for her in helping her expose her business throughout the California counties even… more
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