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Leveraging Drop Box - Backing Up and Printing from Anywhere

Leveraging Drop Box

There are a bunch of cool things that you can do with DropBox and I wanted to share a few of them.leveraging drop box for printing and backing up

Dropbox Print to your printer.

So when would you do this…

You are showing a client a listing on your iPad/pc/phone; you can drag and drop that page into a DropBox folder and it will automatically print on your home or office printer.

If you do not have a dropbox account get one they are free click here -

(or you can go to and sign up but if you use my link I will get more space so show the love)

If you are on a windows machine then download this file (vb script)

  • After the file downloads then open it up and double click on the eprint.vbs file
  • A box will appear click yes and then you are done.
  • If you have trouble running the eprint.vbs file (if file opens in notepad,word or some other program)Press shift and right click the file in Windows Explore and choose “Windows Based Script Host” under 'Open With'.

Mac users go here -

Linux users go here - (if you are using linux you hold a special place in my heart)

After you run the script or perform the work around for Mac and Linux, any document you put in your PrintQueue folder will print at home or in your office where ever the computer that has the printer attached to it is.

This is where you can download the Dropbox app for your devices.

Original Article here -

Backup Your WordPress Site to Dropbox

You can also make your wordpress website backup to your DropBox folder.  That way if anything happens to your site you have it backed up on your computer and in the cloud; easy peasy.

(Depending on how big your site is you may need to use the pay for space option or just get your friends to download it for more space… use my link….  LOL!)

  • Login to your Wordpress Site
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Go to Plugins
  • Click Add New
  • Under Search type WPB2D (I tried typing out wordpress backup to dropbox and it didn’t find it)
  • Install plugin
  • Activate Plugin
  • On the left under Settings click on WPB2D
  • Link your account. (click button to link then sign into drop box)
  • Allow connection in drop box (click the allow button)
  • Go back to your wordpress site (Linking your dropbox account should have opened in a new tab or window)
  • Setup how often you back up Daily at 3am is what I do
  • Check the boxes of folders you don’t want to back up. (REMEMBER YOU ARE EXCLUDING file not including)
  • Click save changes
  • On the left click backup log
  • Then click start back up
  • In a few second you should see that your Dropbox is getting files.

It will do it again at 3am everynight or every morning.

Directions adapted from

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Leveraging Drop Box - Backing Up and Printing from Anywhere
Leveraging Drop Box There are a bunch of cool things that you can do with DropBox and I wanted to share a few of them. Dropbox Print to your printer. So when would you do this… You are showing a client a listing on your iPad… more
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