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Why You NEED to Maximize your Google + Profile

This post was originally from Bobby Carroll but he is not a Rainmaker (yet) but I have permission to reblog this amazing post he did this morning and in case you missed it in the featured Daily Drop, here it is.

Google is and can be complicated but if you keep testing your link, post, page whatever with the Rich Snippet Tool, verify, make sure the email you have on your WP site is the same as your Google+profile and you have not added the WWW where it shouldn't be, things should match up. But I know. It can be complicated.

Bobby lists a great layout for maximizing your Google + profile. Remember to not just post but connect. Google looks at how many people have YOU in THEIR circles. It MATTERS.....

____________________________________________________________________________By Bobby Carroll

Several posts have been written here lately how Active Rainers need to understand and apply the power of  Google+. The most recent featured Google+ post writen by Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate Pro Bill Gassett makes a powerful case for all the right reasons to create a Google+ profile and begin to engage on this incredible platform.


Google+ Authorship Images in SERPS


The more popular posts mention how cool it is to have your Google+ profile image somehow get "sucked" into search results for your website and desired keywords. Before you start down that bunny trail, you might want to step back and evaluate your Google+ profile. Why? Real estate professionals are notorius for building halfbaked social media profiles. Most are missing or partially completed fields. This post will walk you step by step through each Google+ profile field with the goal to help you set up a fully optimized Google+ profile for maximum online visibility.


16 Tips to Maximize Your Google+ Presence


  1. First, completely optimize your Google+ profile by adding your targeted keywords
    Tips to Optimizing Your Google+ Profile to your "about" bio. In the "Introduction" use the WYSIWYG editor to hyperlink your keywords back to your  online marketing "hub" which is your website - blog and IDX.
  2. Next, upload your high quality image to your Google+ profile.
  3. Create keyword-rich "Photo Albums" and upload optimized images and videos to your G+ profil
    e. While you are uploading images ensure they are web friendly image file types (jpg, gif, png). Be sure to review this post as it will offer you many helpful tips to optimize your Google+ images for maximum exposure.
  4. As other SEOs have suggested, add the authorship script to your website, blog and IDX.
  5. Add your "Contribute To" links to your Google+ profile.
  6. Upload your other profile links to your Google+ profile.
  7. Avoid being lazy (or forgetful) when it comes to engaging and link sharing on Google+.
  8. Write killer compelling content! This content should demonstrate and validate your expertise.
  9. Create and share your compelling content links that are worth sharing.
  10. Many agents have a team (or a referral network) so have them +1 (similar to the Facebook "Like" button) your posts and content.
  11. Be seen as a specialist NOT a generalist with your content.
  12. Use Google+ consistently!
  13. Befriend relevant Google+ heavy weights and add them to your "Circles". Add past clients, current prospects, fellow real estate partners and friends to your Circles.
  14. Continue using the social media tools that offer you access to your target audience as Google listens to the buzz created on social media by your shared content.
  15. Take advantage of cool Google+ tools like Hangouts, text and video chat.
  16. Zero in on your area search terms by clicking the "Explore" tool and posting in that stream.


Because Google measures all these signals within it's own social network I recommend you be seen as the authoritative voice for your area real estate market on Google+!


What Other Ways Do You Use Google+?


Be sure to leave a comment and state how you use Google+ to help your real estate business.




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