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I am ALL about Saving Money! - Stop Wasting Yours....

Stop spending money you don't use! I got into this business not to take people's money but to tell them how to spend it wisely. I seemarketing money too many people that randomly spend money (they probably don't have) on crap they don't need. I'm not just talking about material things, although that's probably true for all of us, but of actual services and devices we think will increase our business.

I talked to someone the other day that said they are spending $330 a month on market leader for leads THAT THEY NEVER FOLLOW UP ON. That's a waste of money. For one thing, those leads may or may not be legitimate and secondly, that's a heck of a lot of money for one basket of advertising.

When I first started in real estate I worked under an accomplished agent and learned from him everything that got me through the next few years of selling real estate. He was very successful and probably made somewhere in the neighborhood of $400K a year. Since he worked out of an detached office next to his home I noticed a lot of the coming and goings around the house. He would pay for absolutely everything he needed, including a simple plumbing fix, landscape job, or decoration project. I thought to myself, why doesn't he just save the money and do it himself?

advertising dollarsSo I asked him.

He said, "it's all about time management. I can spend 40 minutes working on real estate and possibly make $1000 or pay someone else to do a handy man project for $100 Which makes more sense?"

Then I got it. When it doesn't make sense to do it yourself, paying someone else is a better use of your time. But again, it also depends on how much your time is worth. If you get more back from the use of a service than the cost, it's worth it. If not, time to move along. As they say, "how's that working for you?"

While it makes good sense to spread out your advertising dollars into several marketing baskets, take this time as we approach the new year to re-evaluate where your money is really working the best for you. If it's in a Rainmaker account, push it a little harder this next year. If it's in market leads, follow up and be determined to get your money's worth. If it's in SEO, make sure you actually see results.

I don't want to waste anyone's money and don't like to see your money get wasted either. Check your advertising dollars and find out what works and what doesn't, and have a productive 2012~


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