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Whose That Red Car Belong to? Why It's Your Oregon Coast Realtor!

Oregon Coast RealtorYou know you've see it. That shiny 1960 red corvette front fender in their ActiveRain profile belongs to none other than Rob Shepherd with Coldwell Banker Oregon Coast Realty.

If you haven't met Rob yet, you really should get to know him. He is such a fun-loving and easy going guy yet really knows his stuff when it comes to Florence Oregon Real Estate. Rob is a client of mine and I have to brag a little bit on him because I was so impressed. Even though I have been to the Oregon Coast more times than I can count, Rob sent me maps, local newspapers, lists of events, business cards and lots of amazing local information. I couldn't have asked for a better resource for his area. I have gone through all this information and learned so much I never knew about the Oregon Coast and Florence.

Although Rob lives and works in Florence, he also buys and sells homes in the outlying areas as well such as Mapleton which Rob describes as a blip on the radar as you pass through, Heceta Beach which is just breath-taking with their lighthouse bed and breakfast and of course the super fun Sand Dunes just Northeast of Florence.

Here is Rob with his full car all spruced up!

Florence Oregon Realtor

If you are not a subscriber yet, Rob has written some great blogs about the area, Realtor stories and more. His latest: Are Pets the Biggest Loosers in this Bad Market really touches on some real issues.  Here are a couple more recent ones:

So if Rob is this detailed and passionate about his area with me, I know he is the same way with his clients. He is a great referral for anyone wanting to retire on the Oregon Coast or if you know of someone that needs a home near Florence Oregon.

Let Rob help you find the perfect home in the right neighborhood to fit your lifestyle, budget and needs! For more information about Florence real estate services and how Rob can best serve you, please email him at or call 541-991-0607



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