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How Smells Affect the Home Buying and Selling Experience

Can smells really make that much of a difference in selling you home?staging your Goldendale home to sell

Just as image is important in selling real estate, odors also play a crucial role in making or breaking a good deal. The next time you're putting up your Klickitat county real estate for sale, don't just focus on the visible selling points of your home. The unseen, smelly details count as well.

Have you smelled your house lately?

If it's a perfume you're buying, then there's certainly good sense in smelling it first. But if it's a house, what then?

Buyers look at the asthetics of a home, the style, location and layout but many times the smell is not a factor.. or is it?

People often take smells for granted. This is because we register the world mostly through our sense of sight, unlike animals which predominantly rely on their olfactory sense for survival (hunting food, and detecting enemies and prey). Most of the time we only notice smells when they're offensive. For some homeowners there's the possibility of us growing accustomed to them that we forget they're there in the first place.

This is what you should watch out for when you're selling your house.

When selling your home, it may pass the buyers checklist as far as repairs, fix-ups and design including cleaning every nook and cranny that you forgot about years ago.  But if you really want to make a good impression; a subtle but effective one, then aim at your prospective buyers' noses.

smells affect a home saleMost of the time, odors get forgotten about because you're just too accustomed to them. Pet odors and cigarette smoke are the immediate culprits. Air freshners and deodorizers only mask the smell for a time.  These are issues that you may be so used to that it will be hard to even tell when they are cleared out.

Smell, Smell, Go Away.

These types of odors will need permanent resistance. Either use Kilz on walls and floors then recarpet or repaint; remove the pets when you show the home and take out all evidence of a pet (move the litter box to the backyard or garage)

When you DO have an open house or plan on showing the home you can bake bread with cinnamon, or simmer citrus on the stove or anything that smells good and worry-free. Bring out those essential oils or light up aromatic candles, for a more natural pleasant smelling atmosphere, not synthetically induced by any spray can. Lavender oil, for instance, has a positive calming, effect.

We want buyers to remember the house even long after they’ve left the premises for good reasons, not offensive ones. Pretty flowers standing at attention in a vase might not exactly be your house's strongest selling point, but they can put your visitors in a buying mood and really make a difference.

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How Smells Affect the Home Buying and Selling Experience
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