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How to Personalize Dynamic Information to Capture Leads & Keep Them

How to personalize your dynamic information to capture leads and keep them

What is dynamic content? Dynamic content is marketing to your exact target audience. If you’re talking about buyers everything on the page should be geared towards buyers. The same with sellers, investors, builders, commercial real estate developers etc. It’s honing in the content for exactly who is reading it.

Lead generation and dynamic content

While Google loves dynamic content since it is creating a better user experience for our readers, we also don’t want to offer our readers something that they don’t understand or don’t get yet. If you direct buyers to a first-time home buyer page, you don’t want to also give them teaser links and information about investing in your second home or your tenth home etc. You want to give them the steps that they’re going to need at this point; how to get financing, how to get a buyer’s agent  And so forth.

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If you have a lead capture system you should be able to have a great idea as to what you’re readers are looking at. You’re going to see the homes that they viewed on your IDX and you’re going to get a better idea of what it is they're in the market for. In personal emails you always want to make sure you’re using their name and what they’ve actually looked for. Anyone can send out a canned email welcoming them to the site.They want to know that you’re really concerned about what they want and how you can obtain it for them.

You’re trying to build trust.

If you’re constantly shoving things in their face that don’t apply to them, go over their head, or are so generic that they feel like a number at the DMV, they’re not going to establish that trust with you as their agent. This is why blogging works so well.(When you work it) People get a good sense of who you really are, what you’re about, how much you know, and if you respond to them. If you’re blogging but never respond to any of your leads whether it’s on an email or on a blog comment you simply lost your audience right there.

So Keep these Tips in Mind:

> Be personal. Remember their name, have a conversation with them at their level for what they are looking for and let them know you are real.

> Stick with the theme of their request. If you know someone’s looking in the Lewis Center, Ohio area don’t send them listings for communities 20 miles away. You might make a reference to a close neighborhood though, “There are also homes that fit your budget just 3-4 miles from your search criteria if you would like to view them as well” – (this works great in blog posts on specific communities. Make sure you have a link to your IDX search function for nearby neighborhoods.)

> Give them information they may actually use. If you’re targeting sellers make sure that they know what their current home value is even if they’re not planning on selling right now. This is a great way to get a listing by sending them an email with exactly how much profit they could walk away with from their home. If you’re targeting buyers let them know how much a mortgage payment would be for a certain amount of home in the area that they're looking for. Make it practical and put it into a perspective that they can really grasp.

You don’t want to lose your lead once you have them on your site. You want to give them a reason to contact you. By being personable, knowing what they want, supplying an appropriate amount of additional information, and being genuine will naturally get the leads that you need. ( offers ways to collect after you capture)

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