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The Importance of Infographics and Social Sharing to the Future of ActiveRain - And Your Business

I wrote a post a while back about SEO is going Social. We can no longer sit by with a website out there and automatically have people find us. We are found by others "liking" us, sharing us, sharing our info and pictures and a general sense of recommended community. You must be out there socially to keep your lead on your internet presence.

People want visual, Google wants hits, shares and likes. How will you keep up?

Real Estate Recovery or Not**The Power of the Community is the Future of ActiveRain**

I received a good email from an active member tonight asking why ActiveRain is spending so much time and resource on surveys and infographics.  This leads to why social media and social sharing is so important to the future.

In 2011 and 2012, Google fundamentally changed their search engine algorithm and fundamentally changed SEO forever.  Keyword density is no longer relevant.  Editorial quality and social media are most important.  Major changes were the multiple Panda updates focusing on quality, the launch of Google Plus incorporating social media signals into Google's search algorithm, the Freshness update giving more authority to frequently updated content, and finally the Search Your World update which now incorporates content shared via Google Plus into the search engine results. 

A high domain authority or strong Google Juice on ActiveRain benefits all members of ActiveRain.  When ActiveRain has a high domain authority, we rank higher on the search engines and our blogs and blog posts get more traffic by being higher in the SERPS.

In order for ActiveRain to maintain its high domain authority, ActiveRain must continue to produce high-quality fresh real estate content AND receive backlinks to the ActiveRain domain from high quality, high domain authority  web sites (like the NYTimes).  Keep in mind that it is more important to Google to see backlinks from other high authority domains to ActiveRain than many, many backlinks from low domain authority sites (like brand new to the Internet individual blogs or web sites which can be gamed).

So how do you get backlinks, particularly from higher domain authority sites?  High quality infographics that people love to share in social media and talk about.  

Our surveys like Rich Real Estate Agent, Poor Real Estate Agent and Real Estate Recovery or Not aggregate great information from the ActiveRain community to help individual real estate professionals learn best practices and market trends.  Pulling the information together in an infographic that gets shared broadly helps ActiveRain maintain its domain authority by generating backlinks, many from great domains.

AND given how important social sharing is to the future of ActiveRain and real estate marketing, please SHARE.  I know this is obvious within the ActiveRain community, but the more we as a community share content from ActiveRain to Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, the stronger ActiveRain becomes in the future.  Take a minute and share your friends' and colleagues' ActiveRain blog posts on Google Plus or FaceBook.  

Yes, you have to be careful to manage your social media presence, but if every member of ActiveRain shared one blog post on FaceBook and/or Google Plus every day, we would be and should be one of the most important and influential web sites in real estate.

Something to think about.


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