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Why ActiveRain is a Good Place to Start....

I have a lot of people that ask me if ActiveRain is a good investment. Should I spend the money or should I just go with a free blogging platform? It all depends on where you're starting from. If you are brand-new to the blogging world, have a brand-new website, or just don't know where to start,  ActiveRain  is an excellent option.

The reason being is the reputation and authority that  ActiveRain carries. Since it's already highly well-known in the search engines and gets indexed by Google and others, you're already starting ahead of the game. If you started on your own with a WordPress site or a blogger ( blogspot) site the search engines don't know you therefore they don't trust you nor rank you very high. By starting off with a highly well-known blogging platform such as ActiveRain, no matter what you write will get indexed almost immediately plus you will have the benefit of instant exposure by more people reading it and possibly commenting on it. You can also learn HOW to blog and get insights from other members and the ActiveRain free University.

All of this adds to the authority of your business and your online presence. When Google finds back links to your website or off-site blog from your  ActiveRain  profile they will start to rank your online authority higher. It's very difficult to rank in a bubble. If you're only writing on your website and you never share, post, or throw out a link to your website on any other platform it's going to be very difficult for Google to find you, if at all. By using ActiveRain as a jumping off point, you'll be thusing ActiveRain as a springboardat much more ahead of the game with instantly indexable blogs, high authority back links to your website, and overall better exposure because of the members and the readership of  ActiveRain.

Once you have an established Rainmaker account in ActiveRain and have a following, subscribers, and a good amount of blogs, you can start to build up your blogging platform on your own website or blog. Eventually, once you get those blogs ranked and indexed fairly quickly you can then start to syndicate your blogs starting first on your website and then syndicating them over to ActiveRain with a link back to where you originally posted the blog (such as your website).

Now that you've used ActiveRain as a springboard for your online presence, you can start to build up your own website with a collection of blogs and articles that will have the authority and online presence that you were looking for in the beginning. It's always a good idea to syndicate some of your best blogs over on ActiveRain just to keep your readership and your followers interested and to keep those back links rolling.

So is  ActiveRain a good place to start?

If you're new to the blogging world, want to boost your online presence, gain exposure and back links to your website, and share your information with 200,000 other members... It's a great place to start!


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