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It's Facebook Friday Time!! Don't Miss These Guys!

 - They are all the stars today!

YA YA YA - It's Friday - Weekend in sight, party at 5, and before you start your day take a look at today's Facebook Friday Pics for the Business Game!

the business game

pierce county and king county real estate



Let's welcome a brand new Facebook page by the dynamic duo of Paul and Anita Kuriatnyk.I have just had the opportunity to get to know them over the last couple weeks and they are a fantastic team handling many upscale real estate markets in Pierce and King County.

jerry newman



I have a feeling most of you will already be connected with our own star -the fabulous Jerry Newman - but if not, head on over and check out his newest facebook page In and Around San Antonio, Tx.


Lloyd McKenzie Albuquerque real estate


Following tradition is a new member to the ActiveRain team. Lloyd McKenzie is a Powerhouse in the Albuquerque real estate market. Head on over and give him a little Facebook Friday Love Nudge!

rich cederberg



And while we're parusing Albuquerque, let's say a harty hello to our friend Rich Cederberg and his FB Page Albuquerque Homes for Sale. He knows real estate and he'll tell you all about it in a video! 



Don't forget to pop over to Personal SEO's Facebook Page if you haven't already! I provide little tidbits of SEO goodness. And join us next time for another round of the BUSINESS GAME!

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It's Facebook Friday Time!! Don't Miss These Guys!
- They are all the stars today! YA YA YA - It's Friday - Weekend in sight, party at 5, and before you start your day take a look at today's Facebook Friday Pics for the Business Game! Let's welcome a brand… more
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