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Research and-or Promote - SEO Titles vs. Awesome Content

I know there have been a few blogs out there about this keyword research information but maybe you need a little more help. You want to be found for your information and ultimately gain a lead but if you're being found for information no one is searching for there's little hope of an actual lead. Research that perfect keyword

This is where the research comes in. You need to find a phrase that is being searched for but that also has little competition. That's not an easy task. We use several different software programs (paid for) in order to find the best keywords and phrases for our customers. This is not just for the domain or basic website pages but for blogs and internal linking. All are strategies when it comes to creating engaging, searchable content that provides leads. 

If you're stuck on finding a blog topic it can help to research a phrase to see how many other sites are competing for it. Simply type in your phrase in "quotes" in Google and it will tell you how many other sites are using that phrase. However, it won't tell you how many people are searching for that. So if you search for "business insurance" and get 100 million hits, it's probably not the best keyword to use since there is just too much competition. But if you search for "business insurance for workers comp in Burbank California" and only 2 sites show up, then you won't have any competition but you may not have any leads either because people are probably not searching for that.

This is where it gets technical. You need to find the phrase that gets enough hits, enough searches but minimal competition. There are several websites that do this but none of them do this well without paying for it. Of course does this but that's really spendy. We use after some research on the best tools and find that it gives us good results for adequate phrases. 

We have talked to people that say they show up for phrases but are not getting any leads. This is probably the case, they can search for their key phrases and they may show up on the first page of Google but if no one cares, they're not getting the lead.



BUT - there is another way to get leads from content - PROMOTE

If you want to be found in the search engines, research for the best phrase. If you want to talk about interesting topics without being too keyword specific you need to promote the content. This means sharing it socially anywhere and everywhere, multiple times and giving teasers to it in already well-trafficked sites and pages, and talk about it to others in your related field or get them to share it and talk about it. Promote your content

Like this: How to SEO Market on a Daily Basis

If you have a great topic, great blog post or information that you really want out there and that could create some serious leads, but may not have a keyword rich title, then this is the only way to really expose it for the best response. 

If you love it don't just throw it out there once; share it multiple times with different tag lines, catchy phrases on social media and different images. Pay to promote it on Facebook or Twitter; Pin it on Pinterest, share it on Scoop-it and Storify, talk more about it on Google plus and share the images on Tumblr. Yes, it's a lot of work but you put a lot of work into the post, right? You don't want it to just fade away into Cyberspace nothingness. Talk it up, get people to comment, share and be intrigued by it. Share it this week, next week and next month. 

So the next time you have an awesome post about "5 Reasons Your Home is Not Selling" you can promote it everywhere to get more leads toward it and more traffic to your website over all, even if people are not searching for that phrase exactly.

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