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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter


Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Fall is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for a long winter’s nap.  Many people will don their gloves and head outdoors with rake and pruning shears in hand.  Unfortunately, many people do all the wrong things with their right intentions! Preparing for Autumn

So you have a choice: you can choose to go it alone and risk losing your investment or call in a professional like John A. Pinto Landscaping. Their 38 years of experience can save you much more than you spend on getting your garden ready for the deep Pennsylvania winter. Their skill and expertise can help you create a visually pleasing and healthy garden and lawn.

If you still choose to do the job yourself, what should you do in the fall?  Well, the list might be a bit lengthy, but a great place to begin is to rake the lawn and flower beds.  The more you rake, the better this time of year, because you will want to lay down seed to fill in the barren spots. Use the leaves and sticks to cover your vegetable garden plot.

Once your lawn is free of the extra cover, lay down the new seed on your lawn. If you think you have a few weeks before the weather turns consistently cold, use whatever seed you prefer. If time is short, consider putting down ryegrass. This perennial grows quickly, sometimes in less than a week. If you have aged compost available, put a thin layer down after seeding.

Believe it or not, you need to water during fall.  Most of us don’t realize it, but even during the fall months, your lawn needs about an inch of water every two to three weeks. So, consider watering once or twice a week. Remember to disconnect the hose at night if you think it might frost overnight.

landscaped house and pondWhat’s next? Try transplanting any trees or shrubs that had the nerve to come up in the wrong place.  Not sure where to begin? There are a lot of how-to resources available online. If you would like, you can move bulbs now too. Cover the base of transplanted plants, shrubs or bulbs with a layer of seasoned mulch.

One more thing you should do is: “Put your pruning shears away!” While many people think autumn is a great time to cut branches and limbs, pruning promotes growth and that’s a really bad idea right before winter weather comes on!  Instead, wait for a window in late winter to give your plants and trees a trim. There are loads of pruning tips online as well, so be sure to check out one or two resources before you go all “Edward Scissorhands” on your favorite trees and shrubs.

If all this sounds a bit daunting, you still have time to give John A. Pinto Landscaping a call. Their expert team can get your lawns and garden looking right just in time for the colder weather. Go ahead, make the investment. Next spring, you’ll thank yourself for contacting the professionals!



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How to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter
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