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A HodgePodge Business or Laser Focused?

A local distillery is going out of business in our town. We only have two and one is calling it quits. Tim and I tried to go many times only to have it close at 4 PM, not open certain days, or a shot in the dark if anyone was there. When I saw a CLOSING SOON sign, I wondered what was up because they haven't been there long! We finally got a chance to stop in and I realized the situation very quickly. 

I know, what do distilleries and real estate have to do with each other.. wait a minute, I don't have to explain. LOL! But hang with me a minute. There's another distillery in town that seems to be doing a bang up job! I follow them on Instagram and Facebook and their name is Bad Dog Distillery so of course, they have a "bad" dog hanging out at the place. focus

Both of these distilleries were in odd places. Not on the side of the road and nowhere really convenient, but let me paint two separate pictures here. 

Bad Dog is all distillery. You walk into a small, quaint, all-wood tasting room, with a low ceiling, groovy lights, just a couple shelves completely stocked with all their libations and a cool, bar to belly-up to. Probably only seating for 7 with big windows that look directly into the distillery and there's the "bad" dog... cute, lazy, and old dog, but you know what I mean. It begs for socializing, close talk, and great drink suggestions from the "bartender". Flights are cheap and easy and the owners are there to give a tour should the notion strike you. 

This distillery also promotes themselves on their social media with great drink recipes, ideas, where to find their beverages should they not be open and of course, various adventures of the "bad" dog.  That's a place I want to hang with my girls or an afternoon with the hubby.

Now, let me paint the other distillery. Large space, no windows to the distillery process, no bar, an entire wall of old shelves that leave way too much room for other things so it looks sparse and empty. The other half of this room is a hodgepodge of garage sale items for sale, shoes, clothes, jewelry that my grandmother may have worn and some direct marketing trinkets. There are no bar stools or any place to chill and relax while tasting their offerings and the taster glasses were communion cups... I'm not joking... 

This did not scream "successful business" even though their Facebook page promoted many of their wares. Maybe it's because I came in towards the tail end. Maybe it WAS great. But again. The room was large and cold. It didn't provide an atmosphere I wanted to stay in. 

Bottom line - two identical businesses doing things completely different.

So, what the heck does this have to do with real estate? Well, we're marketers. Not just writers and designers, but marketers. I pay attention to the ad that created a problem I didn't know I had just to sell me their solution. Like this new hot water pot that heats your water to a perfect temp. Why do I need that? Well, their commercial told me that coffee, chocolate, and all different kinds of tea should be brewed at different temperatures for maximum flavor and effect! Is that true? I have no idea but they created a solution to a problem I didn't know I had and boom! I want that pot!! 

What do YOU Do?

lazy or determinedThat's what YOU need to do. Don't be a part-timer half-assing your work. Be all in or not at all. Are you the type of agent that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere where people want to work with you and be engaged or the type where they just want to get the heck out of there as fast as possible? 

Are you laser focused or trying a little of this and a little of that? You know what the latter one gets you? Out of Business.

I get it, we all have to start somewhere and we don't get into this business to make a million dollars in the first month (well, at least I certainly didn't), but we do have to be all in if we want to be successful. I can't stop working on my own business just because I'm working on yours and this is a talkin-to for myself as well. I get so caught up in other things that I neglect the one thing that I can't forget. The thing that pays my mortgage and keeps my kids fed.  


 - So, what does that look like for you?


Being more engaging on social media? Recipes, funny videos, and memes instead of real estate posts all the time?

Finding a problem people didn't know they had and solving it for them?

Focusing only on buyers or only on sellers and then putting all your efforts that direction? 

Getting professional about your business and renting office space?

Getting serious about branding and choosing a solid logo and colors then blasting the heck out of them?

Focusing on one community and making it your goal to be the go-to agent in that area?

Getting serious about blogging twice a week on your website?

Finally getting out from your broker's free (cookie cutter) website and designing a custom one of your own?

Being brave about asking for reviews and getting them on Google, Zillow, Facebook, and your website?

Sharing your content anywhere and everywhere?


What does being laser focused look like to you? Are you serious about this business or just hoping it will take off one day? Well, here's your kick in the pants... HA... MINE TOO!!! Let's GO!


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