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A Great WordPress Plug-in for SEO and Interlinking

If you have a WordPress site (and many do or are considering moving that way) and you pay a host meaning you don't have the free site -, then you know about all the different plug-ins you can have, right? Plug-ins are essentially like apps. They are add-on's that allow you to do fun things with your site such as spam attacks, author bios, gosh... just about anything! Wordpress is pretty much a blank canvas until you start adding themes, templates, and plug-ins to it to really customize it for you, for search engines and for your readers.SEO Smart Links Plug in

One of the biggest steps we can be doing in our sites right now is interlinking; linking one blog, page or site to another within the content of a page. Remember, think Wikipedia - they have been doing this for years. You're looking at race cars and when they talk about transmissions, they link that to their transmission page, and so on. This is what we need to be doing within our own site and it maybe easy (or at least not take too much extra time) to do that on the current page you're working on, but what about all those past blogs that now sit without any interlinking on them?

Here's the answer:


This is a great tool to use although manual is always better as you can get more creative. Simply upload and activate the plug in (I use the basic one, not the + but either is fine) then go to your settings to set up the plug in correctly. It won't work until you set it up. From here you can choose where you want the interlinking to take place and what keywords you want linked and where you want them to go. Whenever the word "contact" is mentioned, the word is hyper-linked to the contact page, etc... buyers to buyer page, (use buyers, buying, buyer, buy, etc) all to the buyers page - communities to their corresponding pages and so forth.

This now instantly puts all the links in your current pages AND post! Voila!

Remember, manual is always best, so from now on, add a couple more in there when you do your blogs. This plug-in's standard is set to 3 links per page but I like more. I usually choose 6-9 or so and make sure you don't have the links to their own pages, so if you're already on the buyer page, don't link the word buyer back to the same page - also, Google only sees one URL per page so if you mention buyer 5 times on the page, choose the box that allows only one buyer to go to the link - this cleans up the content as well and makes it not so confusing for the reader.

Have fun!

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