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Blogging, Views and Click-Throughs - What Does it Matter to SEO?

Going through all the blogs I have written since November 2010 has been a little surprising.

What blog got the most traffic and is still getting traffic? Which had the most comments, click through percentage and short url clicks?clicking fingers

Why does this matter? Well apart from it being fun - and a little disappointing when you realize that star post only got 100 clicks, it's a great way to strategically plan future blogs.

Here's the list, then I will explain. These are the top blog posts from Personal SEO since 2010:

I am ALL about Saving Money! - Stop Wasting Yours.... Was the top blog that received the most traffic! 9,948 Views with an impressive 9,013 click throughs. That's about a 91% click through status.

Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about SEO ... Well Almost came in at an good 8,230 view with  7,269 clicks

How to Market Yourself and Your Business on Pinterest Was one of my favorite with 4,439 clicks AND got me an article in the home staging magazine coming out this month! And this is the only one in the list that was not featured.

Some of the older posts are still getting traction and those "how to's" and number point blogs still rank fairly high:

The Difference Between Keywords, TAGS, and Categories  142 comments  4,991 views  3,304 click throughs

Are You Writing for Your Target Audience or Just Beating the Same "Dead" Horse? 4,201 views 3,109 click throughs

Don't Be Scared of a NO FOLLOW Tag - Your Voice is Still Being Heard!   3,707 views 3,103 click throughs

Why Having a Sitemap is an Important SEO Tool 3,991 views  2,855 click throughs

How to Naturally Add Keywords into your Content   3821 views 2852 click throughs 

3 Simple Tips for Optimizing Your Blog Posts 3,566 views 2,653 click throughs


link to other postsBut I think my favorite blogs were the Algorithm Foreplay (Part 1) series. Only one got featured but led folks to the other one.

So what does all this mean? Other than just looking through and getting an ego boost on your best blogs out there, this is an excellent way to boost SEO on all your new posts as well. How? Glad you asked! Find those blogs that are still getting traction, still gracing the search engines with their high ranking presence and then LINK TO THEM. LINK FROM THEM - Throw them out into the world again. WHY? Because if Google finds a high ranking URL link on a new post, they will figure that this new post must be important as well. And vice versa, head back to one of those old posts and put a link to a new post somewhere in the content or at the end, then Google will see new activity on the old one and head over to the new post from that link. It's all about making connections from one place to another.

Think of it as everything on the web is separated by just a couple of links away. Use that power to boost new information, blogs, articles and posts. Happy Blogging!


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