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Are You So Focused on the Details, You're Missing Business?

Do you go to your website every day?

Do you assume a color change on a button will get you more traffic?

Do you worry people will see a general image on a community post and assume that's the house you're selling?

Do you literally want to change 10 tiny details on your website every day?

Do you check your website on a tablet, phone, desktop, friend's phone, friends laptop or iPad every day? 


Then you are not actually focusing on your business. 


(I sound like an infomercial) ... Then you need... 

Just kidding.


But seriously... if you are more concerned about how people view your website and you have less than 100 people coming to your website every day, it's time to be more productive with your time. 

Sure, check your website occasionally, maybe once a week, just to make sure it's live, not down, plug-ins updated, etc.. and of course check your CRM and follow up on all the potential leads, but don't spend hours a day nit-picking everything to death. For one reason, your web host doesn't have the time to deal with you for an hour a day, unless you're literally responsible for 1/8 of their business. Secondly, work on your leads rather than spending valuable time finding something to change, tweek, or update. 




Well, go to your social media accounts and search hashtags for your area. Search items on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram like #lookingforahouse #lookingforrealestate #[yourcity]realestate #ineedarealestateagent. 

Respond to messages and connect with other agents all over the country for referrals. (Someone on my Facebook just asked about an agent in another city and I knew a couple so I tagged them in his post and they contacted him) - FREE BUSINESS

Write a blog on your website, Activerain, off-site sources linking back to your site. Build your site authority with off-site backlinks rather than pick your site to death in a vacuum. 

Go out into your community and get to know the area. Check out new businesses, take pictures of the owner, workers or products (food, whatever) and tell them you're going to do a blog post promoting them then leave them your card. 

Put your card up at coffee shops that offer cork boards offering something special if they call you or refer business your way. WAY more effective and it will stand out among all the other agent cards up there. Offer a free coffee if they call. $50 gift card if they refer someone or use you to close a deal, etc... 

Contact a local military community and offer discounts or perks for military families that are relocating to your area. 

Join the Chamber of Commerce and help promote local businesses. Get your name out there so it's synonymous with real estate in your area. 

Promote active listings AND sold listings in your area. Let people know you just sold a home with 5 offers in a week and it sold for $40K over asking price (be honest, but that'd get my attention if I needed to list, right?) 

Keep all the contact information from past clients and go back asking if they are buying or selling now. Tell them what their home could be worth now and if they've thought of selling. (I can't believe some agents don't keep this information! - It's a gold mine!)

Literally knock on people's doors, some cold calls, some you've already done business with and see how they're doing. Spend an afternoon blanketing a neighborhood. Again, any little incentive might just get you that one lead. 


Stop chasing the next fad and just work your business - it WILL pay off


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