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Bring Older Posts Back to Life but Be Careful

If you've built up a good wealth of blog posts either on ActiveRain or on your website, it's not a bad idea to bring some of those older posts back to life, especially if they have great information that is timeless.

This can also go for annual events. Let's say you had a post on Halloween events last year. Rather than writing up an entirely new blog post with new information, go back to that older posts, update the information, and republish it as a newer post. This is pretty easy to do on websites such as Wordpress because you can just change the publishing date. However, you don't want to change the URL structure if you have links to it from various places unless you have a redirection tool in place.

But you have to be careful when republishing older posts that specify certain events and dates.

In our own town, a real estate agent republished an older Easter event blog post on her website and then promoted it on social media, however, current Easter events didn't match up with past events. This agent simply republished the same post with a different publishing date. The previous post stated that a very large Easter egg hunt was to be held at our church but this year, we decided not to have the event ourselves but instead partner with our city. The agent didn't correct current events or verify them so there were several people that showed up to our church the day of the Easter egg hunt even though there was no hunt actually going on. Clearly, this made some attendees upset, but because the event was completely out of our hands and technically the agent's fault for not verifying current dates, there really wasn't much we could do.

I will oftentimes pull up older posts on events whether it's for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, or New Year's but you have to check the date and the accuracy of the event. The event may still be going on but the times may have changed and the dates will usually change as well, unless it's something specific on that holiday such as on October 31 or on December 25. If you can't find anything online about up-to-date events, simply call the previous event holder and ask if the event is still going to be held. You may find out information that maybe nobody else has online and be the go-to person for the most accurate and up-to-date information on the event.


But, this tactic isn't always just for events. Perhaps you did a kick'n, 2000 more blog post that's timeless and should be brought back to life. Go ahead and update some information on the post, add in related posts that maybe you've done in the meantime to give them more authority, or link off-site to related and relevant information, websites, and topics. Google will see that this timeless blog piece has some life left in it and may increase the entire ranking on the website as a whole.

Just because you wrote about it once doesn't mean you can't add to it, update information, and resend it out into the inter-webs. It's a great thing to do when you've got writer's block and can't think of a new topic for the week but you know you have a little bit more experience on that older topic and can add more value to it as a whole.


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