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A Small SEO Organizing Tip for Backlinks

This is just a little blurb about organization when it comes to SEO. I manage a lot of different websites and because when I work with someone's website I treated as my own, I do a lot of natural optimization, sharing, and backlink tasks. One of those, of course, is creating backlinks and garnering backlinks for my clients from high-quality websites. But, whether you are managing 50 websites or just one or two, you can still stay organized with your backlink development.


Do we need to start here? What is a backlink and why are they important?


There are hundreds, probably thousands of great backlink type websites, which could be content sharing, link sharing, article submissions, images or post sharing and it may be hard to keep track of all those great places that you can post your content or new articles. I hate it if I found a great site then didn't keep a record of it and now can't remember where it was.

Each week I have a write up of exactly how many posts I need to create and where they need to go as if I was promoting my own content. Yes, I'm one of those people that will literally write down a task I completed that was not originally written down just so I can cross it off. And if you're like me, you may want some sort of an organized system so that you know where to post your backlinks, where your content is, and where you're getting the most rate of return.Organize and record backlinks


This is where I use Excel. I have a spreadsheet that has all current and high quality or high domain authority websites out there that I can post articles on, links to, content sharing, images, and social media sites. If you're working with just one website you'll want to make sure that your content is easily shared across as many platforms as possible. Google loves to find your link or your information on as many sites as possible because it promotes sharing, more readership, and more backlinks to that site increasing the authority of the entire website, not just the page. We do this with our clients as well. Each client has their own checklist so that we don't put more effort into one site versus the other. Everyone gets the same treatment and we make sure that we've spread the content out as much as possible.


What about Duplicate Content and Paid Sites?


Of course, you don't want duplicate content out there too much, so if you are on a content-sharing website where you need to actually post an article, a lot of times I will post an excerpt with a link to the full article. Websites do this all the time and as long as you're linking to the original content, Google understands what it is. But that's not every content sharing website. Some require you to post original content with no more than one or two backlinks and sometimes they need to be at least 600 words. These are great websites to share content on, especially if you're trying to promote a certain page or post on your website. Some of these are even paid, but if you're looking upwards of $200 or more for one article, it better be a pretty high domain authority site. To give you an example, I may post a $200 article if it's giving me a 90 domain authority or page authority. That's pretty darn high and well worth it. Just one of those links may be enough to bump you to the first page if you're on page 2 or three. (Please don't read this to mean I am 'buying' backlinks... that's a no-no)


But again, a lot of these places you just have to do a little bit of research. We know the social media ones such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, tumbler and other such social media, which do provide a backlink. Some of them may be do-follow and some not but you're still sharing the content. Other sites such as real estate Reddit sites, Bigger Pockets, Huliq, Medium, Steem, or even right here on ActiveRain, can provide great backlinks.


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And these sites change constantly. Several years ago I had probably 10 to 12 sites that are just no longer available, have changed their terms of service, or have gone down. Content sharing sites such as Viral Content Bee,, and MuckRack are great for getting other people to share. CreatorsCoPromote is also a great site where you get points for sharing other people's tweets and then you can use those points to boost your own. 

And these are just a few of my favorites. I have about 50 different sites that I share content to, network with others, and post articles and when I do, I check boxes with the type of article, where I posted it, who I posted it for, and generally make sure that all of my clients are spread across the Internet in high-quality sites. This is just a good organization tool that you can add to at any time. When you find a new content sharing or great article submission websites, add it to a column and then when you post on your website, post that link over on that new site.  All of this will continue to add great backlinks to your site and allow more people and, of course, Google to find you.


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This is just a little blurb about organization when it comes to SEO. I manage a lot of different websites and because when I work with someone's website I treated as my own, I do a lot of natural optimization, sharing, and backlink tasks. One of… more
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